Reports to: Operations Director

Full-Time Position 

The Center for Civic Innovation is looking for a full-time Marketing and External Affairs Manager. This person is our chief content creator and storyteller to the world. The position is intended to amplify the work, story, and values of the Center for Civic Innovation to a local and national audience of people. This position is also responsible for regular communications (online and offline) about our work with partner organizations and key stakeholders, while also showing up for them in unique and authentic ways at their events, opportunities, and programs. This role makes sure every room and opportunity that the Center for Civic Innovation opens up for programs and services is filled with people who look like and love Atlanta and that we build a platform for our work and learnings to be shared with the world. 

The Center for Civic Innovation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Atlanta focused on elevating effective solutions to our city’s widening inequality and low civic participation. We dream of a world where cities like our hometown of Atlanta are investing in more effective community-driven solutions and that residents are informed, engaged, and heard in public decisions being made on their behalf.

This position is successful if: 

  • External audiences feel connected with and have an understanding of the work CCI is doing, both in the entrepreneurial and community engagement space. 

  • CCI is regularly creating, capturing, and sharing high quality written and media content about our work

  • CCI is consistently growing the size and diversity of the community of individuals and organizations who engage with us, both online and offline. 

  • CCI has a widely known, authentic, and respected brand across Atlanta. 

  • CCI’s pipelines for all the opportunities we offer are diverse, in all senses of the word,
    and plentiful

  • CCI’s work is seen as exemplary in the public sector

  • CCI is present at and is a value-add to our partners’  community events. 

  • Local and national press is telling the story of CCI and our Fellows



Social Content:

  • Manage online content calendar for social media, email, and website

  • Develop new content to be posted across all social channels

  • Create “evergreen” content that highlights CCI fellows, alumni, organizational milestones and previous high-level events

  • Grow digital audience, following, and email list  through new tools and trends

  • Manage communications with general public via info@ account and questions or comments that come via social media, developing a two way communications channel

  • Design ongoing social media ad campaigns that drive lead generation, new members, and general inquiries

  • Oversee day-to-day social media management, actively responding to and interacting with our online audience

  • Track and report on key metrics across social media channels (likes, engagement, leads generated through content, reach, etc) 

  • Oversee online ads and promo buy strategies  

  • Work across teams to gather news, updates, and opportunities to share across social media channels. 


  • Conduct regular thorough reviews of all existing content on website and make updates to ensure brand alignment and consistency is present throughout

  • Create monthly report to measure key website engagement areas, including page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, and leads generated 

  • Design monthly promotional pop-up that supports and drives traffic to key initiatives and events 

Email Engagement:

  • Report quarterly on key email list information, including new subscribers, unsubscribes, campaign open and click through rates, and conversions 

  • Create and send out regular announcement about upcoming events

  • Develop email automation workflows to regularly re-engage inactive email list subscribers, and welcome new email list subscribers

  • Support on the design of members’ newsletter and emails to fellows and alumni 


  • Develop the content for collateral and takeaways to tell our story to the world

  • Create a distribution strategy for that collateral

  • Work with contract designers, photographers, and videographer to create digital content, swag and promotional materials 

  • Coordinate across teams for graphic design as necessary


Monthly events

  • Lead on strategy for promoting events and programs to a diverse audience across Atlanta

  • Write attractive and informative descriptions about upcoming events 

  • Set up and promote ticket sales for both free and paid events 

  • Promote events through social media, ads, and communications with partners

  • Recap events through video streaming, blog recap, and other tactics before, during, and after events 

  • Work across CCI leadership to develop strategies for promoting ongoing programs, including membership, monthly tours, fellowship information sessions, workshops, lunch and learns, and when appropriate, external events

Program Recruitment (such as our Fellowship)

  • Develop strategy to recruit applicants online and offline through targeted ads, landing pages, and emails to increase application numbers and diversity

  • Lead on the development of collateral for recruitment sessions 

  • Manage communications with general public through email and opportunities such as livestream Q&A sessions about the application process

  • Identify other potential opportunities for digital engagement around the info sessions and application process

Special Events

  • Lead on promotional strategy for major fundraisers, such as Civic Impact Awards or annual comedy show

  • Lead on recruitment and promotional strategy for special guest events (national speakers) 

  • Lead on recruitment of applications for Civic Impact Awards

  • Coordinate across teams to prepare digital and media content for yearly special events, including fellowship graduation showcase nights, annual comedy show, and the civic impact awards


  • Build and cultivate relationships with local and national media, providing relevant and timely updates and fielding all inquiries

  • Identify and write newsworthy stories and communications for media opportunities, such as press releases, bylined articles, and blog copy. 

  • Develop archive of existing press mentions, including blogs, podcasts, and traditional press

  • Working across teams, identify and catalog existing press relationships, both locally and nationally

  • Monitor ongoing media mentions for accurate brand representation and reporting 

  • Develop protocol for interview requests, and speaking requests across teams in coordination with Partnerships Director

  • Conduct press trainings across teams to ensure all staff are up to date on brand talking points and are comfortable participating in interviews and speaking engagements


  • Work with Partnerships Director to determine if speaking requests are mission-aligned and have additional partnership potential for the organization 

  • When appropriate, develop messaging and content that highlight the organizations participation in external events


  • 3-5 years of experience in marketing, external affairs, or a related industry

  • Very clear and strong writer with experience in professional correspondence

  • Excellent copywriting skills and aesthetic sensibilities

  • Strong judgement ahead of and during times of high pressure

  • Experience and comfort in working in a fast-paced team environment

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs

  • Comfortable speaking to press and addressing crowds

  • Experience with professionally working with leaders, partners,and vendors across industries

  • Understanding of developing and lead social media strategies that drive real results.

  • Proven experience planning, executing and measuring media campaigns, launches, day-to-day communications initiatives, and in developing and executing rapid responses to high-stress events

  • Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, or photography and graphic design skills a plus, but not required


The Center for Civic Innovation  is a community of leaders who are proud to represent many different racial, socio-economic, gender, and other identities. Our diversity and inclusivity as a community is our strength, driving our ability to be empathetic, visionary, and effective leaders.


We are a small, tight-knit, but impact-driven team. We represent a growing network of hundreds of community leaders, civic entrepreneurs, good troublemakers in the Greater Atlanta area. At CCI, you will have the chance to apply you energy, ideas, and creativity at work every day with a group of creative problem solvers who are committed to address inequality and empowering people to shape the future of our city. IF you care about Atlanta, work well in a dynamic collaborative culture, meet challenges with determination and a sense of humor, love fruit snacks and Rosa’s pizza, you’ll thrive on our team. 


  • Pay is commensurate with experience

  • 100% employer healthcare coverage

  • Travel stipend for a parking pass or MARTA

  • Opportunities for professional development through conferences and community events

  • Exposure to an inspiring community of people


Please send a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample to with “Marketing and External Affairs Manager” in the subject line. Cover letter should include the following:

  • An example or story of why you care about community and social impact work

  • Why you think you’d thrive in this specific role

  • The word “dinosaur”

Writing sample can include, but is not limited to:

  • An article or op-ed

  • A blog post

  • An email

  • A social media campaign

The deadline to apply for this job is Friday, August 2nd at 5:00 PM EST.
No late submissions will be accepted.