Zahra Alabanza

Civic Innovation Fellow 2016-2017

Red bike and green



The mission of Red Bike & Green is to serve as a community-building collective of Black urban cyclists seeking to improve the physical & mental health, economy & local environment of African Americans by creating a relevant & sustainable Black bike culture.


RBG-ATL, the Atlanta chapter of Red Bike & Green, a cohort of black cyclists with a social purpose. The group uses biking as a tool to build community, promote healthy living, and support black organizations and businesses through monthly community rides and Bikerversary, a bigger, annual biking event which ends in a block party featuring black-owned local businesses.


Zahra—mother, organizer, creative, and wanderer— is the co-founder of RBG-ATL. She sees biking as a tool for activism and communal and individual transformation. Along with a core group of committed cyclists, activist, and concerned community members, Zahra founded the Atlanta chapter of RBG to create Black biking spaces to give visibility of Black people biking and holding a positive public space. Zahra utilizes outdoor adventure, growing food, yoga(ing) and being a creative as the root of her community organizing efforts to enhance physical and mental wellness, economic vitality and environmental stewardship.