Sourabh Jha

Civic Innovation Fellow 2018-2019

Mini city



Mini City’s mission is to eradicate homelessness, not just in Metro Atlanta but across the nation.


Mini City is a for-profit social venture that combats homelessness. Mini City’s research indicates that the lack of legal identification and vital records are central to the problem of chronic homelessness, as these are often necessary for individual’s government benefits, housing, employment, and other life sustaining opportunities. Jha’s venture addresses this issue through new communication enabled wristbands which are designed to help the homeless through the process of securing identification, vital record, and employment forms.


Sourabh Jha is currently a PhD candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, from which he graduated with a major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. Sourabh's research has been funded by the Airforce, Apple, Google, and Intel to name a few. However, he is not limiting himself to the world of engineering, and actively hopes to create social as well as economic value in his community through ventures like Mini City.