Sam Aleinikoff

Civic Innovation Fellow 2016-2017 // Civic Innovation Resident 2019

College aim



The mission of Civil Bikes is to bring attention to unseen and unheard stories about Atlanta in a unique and accessible way that creatively builds an inclusive community and inspires action.


Civil Bikes offers both walking and biking tours in several notable Atlanta neighborhoods that shed light on how Atlanta’s culture, even today, is largely influenced by expressions of resistance and rebellion and rooted in stories of human and civil rights. On the intimate tours, attendees have a chance to learn about and hear stories that exist in the broader community outside of the history books and research. The tours also offer bike rentals and accommodate all levels of cycling.


Nedra founded Civil Bikes in an effort to make all of Atlanta's people visible. Civil Bikes highlights history, art and culture presented in the Atlanta landscape. Nedra, hailing from a family of civil rights leaders and activists, has extensive experience in leading groups of all sizes and ages, by bicycle or on foot, to explore and witness the interrelatedness of our city. In addition to founding and operating Civil Bikes, Nedra is also the current Safety Education Programs Manager for Georgia Bikes! supporting statewide efforts to increase bicycling and building the public’s knowledge of safe bicycling practices in Georgia. She is a Licensed Master of Social Work from New York University.