Sagdrina Jalal

Food Innovation Fellow 2016-2017 // Civic Innovation Residents 2018

Georgia Farmers Market Association



Georgia Farmers Market Association’s mission is to strengthen farmers markets and increase food access in communities across the state by providing guidance and tools to producers; technical assistance, resources, and training to market management; and healthy food access and education to consumers.


Georgia Farmers Market Association works to make farmers thrive throughout the state of Georgia and to strengthen the farmers market infrastructure by shaping public policy, offering statewide representation, increasing whole food access and providing training and educational opportunities. Specifically, the association provides consulting services to cities and municipalities, offers a membership program, and hosts an annual conference.


Sagdrina received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Georgia and taught middle school in Gwinnett County for three years thereafter. After experiencing health issues during her pregnancies, she realized the significant relationship between food and health. She soon began her own health and fitness consulting business centered around eating a well-balanced diet of nutritional, seasonal foods. In 2015, Sagdrina joined the Georgia Farmers Market Association as executive director where she continues to promote healthy food access for consumers.