Richard Hinds

Westside Innovation Fellow 2016

Good kupa koffie



Good Kupa Koffie’s mission is to provide a good kupa koffie to customers while ensuring a high rate of return to the koffie farming community.


Good Kupa Koffie is a neighborhood coffee shop and roaster that bridges the economic gap between coffee farmers abroad and consumers in the US, while providing training and jobs to people on the Westside. The shop takes a from roaster to customer approach as opposed to a from roaster to shelf approach, seeking to forge a relationship between consumers and growers.


Richard is an avid Koffie drinker and comes from a family with a background in Koffie farming. After spending time in the Koffie fields of Jamaica with the farmers, factory managers, and Koffie Industry Board officials, Richard was inspired to make a Good Kupa Koffie.