Reginald Maisonneuve

Civic Innovation Fellow 2016-2017

eDea, LLC



eDEA’s mission is to advance the financial literacy and well-being of individuals and communities while also providing institutions a means to improve the social return of economic development.


eDea offers a quantitative approach to financial health, applying financial technology to define, visualize, and quantify financial health to help people better understand, achieve, and maintain financial well-being across the world. The venture’s innovative methodology, The Stance, takes into account a large amount of data and diverse information to gauge an individual’s financial health and how they can move forward. eDea seeks not only to advance individuals’ financial awareness and interests, but also to help business, government, and other institutions improve their operating and economic performance as well as the economic and social return of economic policies.


Reginald Maisonneuve, has over thirty years of business and technology experience spanning strategic planning, product development and management, business-technology integration, operations and engineering. A central focus of Reginald’s career has been in aligning organizations to the individuals, communities and markets they serve. With eDea, Reginald hopes to align the financial interests of consumers and the institutions that serve them, improving the financial performance of both. Reginald received advanced degrees from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business and McGill University.