Nuri Icgoren

Food Innovation Fellow 2016-2017

Urban Sprout Farm



Urban Sprout Farm’s mission is to build an agricultural hub through an organic farm and nursery.


Urban Sprout Farms is a biodynamic, certified organic Urban Farm located in the Polar Rock neighborhood of Lakewood Heights in Atlanta. Since its founding in 2012, Urban Sprout Farms has been producing an average of 8,600 pounds of food annually. The five-acre plot, which is home to hoop houses, fresh herb and flower beds, and an event space, seeks to build an urban agricultural hub that serves as an entrepreneurial incubator for food and farming enterprises.


Nuri Icgoren and his brother, Tarik, purchased the 3-acre plot of land that became the site of Urban Sprout Farms at a foreclosure auction. They transformed the seemingly desolate wasteland into an urban farm in an attempt to tackle the challenge of food deserts. Urban Sprout Farms quickly emerged from obscurity owing to the inaugural Pheonix Music Festival, which Nuri held on the Farms’ premises to attract attention to its work and drew over 1,100 people. Prior to Urban Sprout Farms, Nuri had already been doing some “guerilla gardening” in his Ormewood neighborhood.