Monica Campana

Civic Innovation Fellow 2016-2017 // Civic Innovation Resident 2018

Living Walls - The city speaks

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Promoting, educating, and changing perspectives about public space in our communities via street art.


Living Walls is a non-profit organization that promotes the power of public art as a social and economic engine, providing an artistic workforce to create healthy, sustainable urban spaces for the city of Atlanta. Living Walls has facilitated over 100 public murals featured throughout the metropolitan area, created through citywide conferences attended by 5,000 art enthusiasts annually. We have featured a host of world-renowned local and international artists, with collaborative projects in Miami, South Africa, Rome, Barcelona, and Moscow. Living Walls connects public art to urban development, helping to establish Atlanta as a destination for provocative arts and culture.


A native of Peru, Monica Campana moved to the United States as a child in 1998. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design, she turned her artistic talents and organizational skills to the task of transforming buildings into canvases for artists, “living walls,” with the power to catalyze conversations, change the way people think about their neighborhoods, and inspire hope. She co-founded Living Walls in order to bring together artists working in the public space.