Michelle Namer

Food Innovation Fellow 2019

The Law Farm



The Law Farm’s mission is to support local food system entrepreneurs in Metro Atlanta and strengthen their legal footing in both day-to-day dealings and long-term goals.


The Law Farm is the branch of The Law Office of Michelle Namer, LLC that is dedicated to food system advocacy and supporting local food system entrepreneurs in Metro Atlanta. Because many local food entrepreneurs lack accessible and comprehensive legal support, they often find it difficult to compete on an equal playing field with larger food system partners. The Law Farm provides individual legal services for food entrepreneurs and their enterprises, working to strengthen their legal footing. In addition, The Firm runs a blog and podcast that provides general insight into the business of food systems and the legal considerations.


Before practicing law, Michelle received a B.S. in Biology from Georgia Tech and an M.A.T. in Secondary Science Education from Georgia State University. Michelle’s work in research science, education, and law, has all been centered around one theme: How we alter the food to table process to positively impact our environment, our communities, and the wellness of individuals. After graduating from Georgia State University College of Law, Michelle dedicated her legal career to closing the gap in access to legal justice, focusing primarily on local food system entrepreneurs, which led her to found The Law Farm.