Lateef Pyles

Westside Innovation Fellow 2016

University Barbershop

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University Barbershop’s mission is to use an existing barbershop as a resource, education and apprenticeship center for males in the community.


The barbershop has traditionally been a place where a man and his family receive information, life lessons gleaned from these conversations. University Barbershop aims to turn this historic barbershop and resource center into a place for action and community empowerment. The Barbershop offers mentorship, fatherhood classes for new dads, and programming at a local middle school.


For Lateef, a barber lives the life of service. He is committed to findings ways to better serve the men that he impacts on a weekly basis, providing a place that they can gain confidence in themselves through a haircut or learning how to cut hair themselves. He aims to mentor the youth who frequent his barbershop with the aim of providing a cycle that might lead to stronger families. Lateef was also a neighborhood ambassador for our Vote Local initiative.