Josh Daniel

Food Innovation Fellow 2018

The Wylde center



The Wylde Center’s mission is to educate, cultivate greenspaces, and build community in the areas we serve.


The Wylde Center was founded in 1997 to provide opportunities to experience nature in an urban environment. The Center accomplishes its mission through educational programs, events, and greenspaces that actively engage youth, families, and individuals over issues such as the environment, health and community. Programming also helps participants develop skills in environmental science, sustainable urban living, organic gardening, health, and nutrition. The organization operates five green spaces in four different neighborhoods of Atlanta and Decatur that are open year-round and provides one of the largest youth environmental and science education programs in metro Atlanta.


Josh Daniel is a landscape architect who serves as the Greenspace Director at the Wylde Center. He has a strong background of ecological planning, focusing his career on a critical understanding of the role of holistic site planning and systems-thinking in the design process. His body of work reflects a deep commitment to environmental design excellence and prior to joining the Wylde team he managed a historic cattle ranch with an organic farm and hospitality program on Maui. Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture, both from Auburn University.