Joe Reynolds

Food Innovation Fellow 2016-2017

Love is love at gaia Gardens



The mission of Love is Love at Gaia Gardens is to demonstrate that young, land-less farmers can build a successful farming operation and actively serve the good food movement through mindful land stewardship.


Love is Love currently leases Gaia Gardens, one of the first Community Supported Agriculture farms in Georgia. The farm is certified organic and uses soil-based practices to cultivate a healthy and diverse array of vegetables and fruits. Love is Love Farm also strives to sustain the success of young, landless farmers through various forms of collaboration including employment, and cooperative planning, marketing, and growth. The Farm also offers tours and consulting services for those seeking to begin their own organic farms.


Joe is a South Georgia native, but moved to Atlanta after school. He and his sweetheart, Judith Winfrey were both working on farms in Atlanta and fell in love with the local food movement in the city. Despite original plans to move abroad, the pair decided to stay and fully immerse themselves in the sustainable agriculture scene of urban farming in Atlanta. Joe and Judith now spend their time at Love is Love Farm feeding and educating hundreds. They hope to share and expand this food movement with the greater Atlanta community.