Jeffrey Martín

Civic Innovation Fellow 2016-2017




honorCode’s mission is to transform Atlanta’s most vulnerable youth into technology entrepreneurs who invest in themselves and their communities.


honorCode weaves computer science and socio-emotional learning into the K-12 public schools by providing curriculum, training, and connection to industry professionals for educators. In one of the fastest growing start-up cities in the U.S., the non-profit seeks to empower schools to educate Atlanta’s next generation of coders so they can access this lucrative market in their hometown. Founded in 2015, honorCode has trained over 60 teachers and impacted over 3,000 students in the Atlanta area.


Jeffrey Martín started honorCode in response to the lack of diversity – especially scarce representation of blacks, Latinos, and women – in upper management and software engineering. Jeffrey received a degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, served a Rhode Island charter school through Teach for America, and completed graduate work at Brown University in urban education policy. Having benefited from the support of teachers and trusted adults throughout his childhood, Jeffrey aims to serve the same role for his students who he hopes will become technology entrepreneurs who invest back into their communities. honorCode has trained over 60 teachers and impacted over 3000 students in the Atlanta area.