JocCole "JC" Burton

Food Access Lab Resident 2015




Crave It Foods's mission is to make natural and nutritious food abundant, available, and easily accessible, in order to revolutionize both food and health.


Crave It Foods partners with schools to provide age-appropriate farm-to-table meals for children. At a time when childhood obesity is at an all-time high, Crave It Foods focuses on early exposure to good food in order to cultivate life-long healthy eating habits. Crave It Foods focuses on designing recipes that are both flavorful and in accordance with the USDA nutrition standards. Services also include wrap around operational support and nutrition education for every age.


JocCole “JC” Burton’s career spans two decades in the built environment. Her entrepreneurial experience began early in her career as an affordable housing developer with her startup. Later, she bootstrapped a construction management firm. JC started Crave It Foods in response to a realization that she was living with her infant daughter in a food desert. Raised to value the relationship between food and health, JC began to develop her passion for bringing those healthy options to kids in schools.