Jasann Gilliam

Food Innovation Fellow 2016-2017

Gilliam’s community garden



The mission of Gilliam’s Community Garden (GCG) is to improve community health in the Oakland City and Historic West End Neighborhoods through greater availability of organic produce, meats, and dairy products.


Gilliam’s Community Garden (GCG) is an urban garden in Southwest Atlanta that addresses the limited availability of organic produce, meats, dairy, and other premium grocery items in Oakland City, Pittsburgh and Mechanicville by selling its produce at accessible locations. GCG also partners with schools and other organizations to improve community education, including workshops on healthy eating with seniors and farm experiences tailored to school groups that offer hands-on lessons about plant biology.


Jassan “Lovey” Gilliam runs Gilliam’s Community Garden with her husband Prentiss Gilliam III. They started the Garden in 2012 as a nonprofit organization in the Oakland City Neighborhood to provide a source of organic produce and eggs to the community. Lovey was inspired to launch this project when her husband planted her a garden. She soon realized she was at once saving money and eating more nutritious food, and she wanted to provide the same opportunity to the community around her. The Garden now spans 4 acres of land.