Ivory Flemister

Food Innovation Fellow 2019

From Farm to Fork on Four



From Farm to Fork on Four’s mission is to ensure seniors have access to fresh and nutritional food by operating a distribution service.


Ivory Flemister is working on creating a venture to address the problem of nutritional access for disadvantaged communities that lack access to fresh fruit and produce. Her current focus is on the community of Mechanicsville, which does not have a single grocery store within a 5-10 mile radius of this area. In particular, Ivory has identified an abundance of seniors and other non-mobile citizens in this area that do not have a way to access fresh, nutritional produce, and she hopes to solve this problem by operating a local, mobile, fresh produce delivery service.


Ivory Flemister is a single mother, chef, farmer, CDL driver, and paralegal. She is also certified in the operation of heavy machinery and highway construction. With all of her training, Ivory hopes to improve access to fresh nutritional produce.