Felicia Edwards

Civic Innovation Fellow 2016-2017

mindful duty



Mindful Duty’s mission is to create controlled, capable, and consistent first responders by providing vital physical, emotional-wellness, and mental resiliency training.


Mindful Duty provides first responders with 360° Physical and Mental Resiliency Training via a mobile app that gauges and provides analysis of where the user is mentally, physically, and emotionally, which allows leadership to create carefully procured solutions to address stress and other challenges first responders face. The organization also provides on-site, in-service workshops on wellness and mindfulness, and works to improve engagement between police officers and community members.


Felicia Edwards started Mindful Duty in 2014 after she realized the emotional toll first responders face on a daily basis while she was working in police departments and providing training on wearable body cameras. Felicia noticed there was never an emergency call that was not stressful and traumatic, and she was motivated to create a tool that could engage physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Felicia attended Kennesaw State University and has an extensive background in technology and management.