Erin Croom

Food Innovation Fellow 2018

Georgia Organics



The mission of Georgia Organics’ Farm to School initiative is to provide early care providers and education centers with trainings and resources to help children grow, crave, and choose healthy local food.


Farm to School is an initiative of Georgia Organics, an organization whose mission is to connect organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families. Specifically, Farm to School aims to help children develop healthy eating habits from an early age by staging positive interventions in schools and other education centers. The Taste Test Box is such a tool that helps children discover, eat, and love their vegetables through an easy and hands-on recipe experience.


Erin Croom is the Farm Education Coordinator for Georgia Organics where she began as a volunteer in 2008. Erin is a leading voice in the farm to school movement which seeks to bring food and nutrition lessons into classrooms. She attended the University of Alabama and received her masters from the University of Vermont.