Elijah Lee

Food Innovation Fellow 2019

Chef zu

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Kings Apron’s mission is to provide culinary training and educational information to low income families and individuals in areas such as bargain shopping, nutrition, cooking techniques, and quick tasty recipes.


Kings Apron is a for-profit organization aimed at improving the health and wellness of low-income communities by facilitating educational programming in plant-based dishes, culinary arts, agriculture, and nutrition. The program offers family and group nutrition counseling as well as recipes and tips for healthy food preparation. The long-term vision of Kings Apron is to create a training facility for upcoming chefs interested in agriculture, culinary arts, and nutrition, and to usher a healthier, more sustainable food culture into Atlanta.


Elijah Lee “Chef Zhu” is a Holistic Nutritionist, Urban Agriculturalist & Plant Based Chef who cites his Grandmother as the inspiration for Kings Apron, as he remembers watching her provide big mama soul food cuisine for the family, shape hand cut hors d'oeuvres, and produce countless creations for her catering company. Since obtaining his certification in holistic nutrition in 2017, Chef Zhu has been working on using memory, love, and culture to cultivate a variety of sustainable, aesthetic, and flavorful dishes, each of which has its own character and leaves a lasting impression on any palate. He has facilitated healthy, culturally relevant food programming for the Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta Community Foodbank, Food Well Alliance, and many other Atlanta based non-profits and community organizations.