Charnette Trimble

Civic Innovation Fellow 2017-2018 // Civic Innovation Resident 2019

Grandmama’s House



The mission of Grandmama’s House is to educate, inform and advocate for seniors living in Atlanta about governmental and philanthropic home repair programs in order to achieve the vision of seniors aging in place with dignity and pass their wealth onto the next generations to come


Grandmama’s House offers workshops and programming to connect low-income seniors with governmental home repair programs and adjunct resources necessary to meet certain eligibility requirements. Inspired by Oakland City, a low-income neighborhood of Southwest Atlanta on the verge of transition, Grandmama’s House fights to preserve tradition and legacy when it is being threatened by displacement. The company is dedicated to seniors 55 years and older, many who face increasing pressure to sell their homes and who lack the knowledge and resources to maintain their homes.


Charnette Trimble is an Atlanta native who loves dogs, contemporary jazz, sci-fi movies, professional wrestling and the Atlanta Falcons. She started Grandmama’s house after witnessing her neighborhood being destabilized and generational wealth interrupted by development. Prior to starting Grandmama’s House, Ms. Trimble worked as an Ophthalmic Technician for a major healthcare organization. Ms. Trimble also holds a B.A. in Finance from Georgia State University, and currently serves as a member of Mayor Keisha Lance Bottom's Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census.