We’re looking for a thoughtful, flexible, capable leader to fill the role of Deputy Director at the Center for Civic Innovation. If you’re the kind of person who gets excited by the idea of helping a four-year-old startup transform Voltron-style into a well-oiled machine for Getting Even More Stuff Done, we want to hear from you! This position will serve as second-in-command and right hand to our Executive Director and will be responsible for providing leadership and direction across CCI’s teams toward achieving the goals we set out in our new strategic plan.

This role:

  • Provides strategic advice and support to the Executive Director

  • Serves as an internal champion and guide for all staff

  • Oversees team meetings for all staff and also leads smaller working groups across projects and initiatives

  • Works with all staff to create ambitious, yet reasonable timelines and project plans

  • Ensures all projects are meeting deadlines and achieving milestones

  • Provides internal reporting for staff and executive summary reports for the Executive Director and Board of Directors across all projects and initiatives

  • Creates external reports for public and all partners

  • Leads on grant management and reporting to donors, funders, and investors

  • Finds new opportunities for grants and investment for the Center for Civic Innovation

  • Evaluates budgets across teams to find opportunities for cost savings and efficiency

  • Leads annual budget and strategic reviews across teams to provide updated reports to ED and Board of Directors

  • Evaluates talent across teams in terms of effectiveness and performance

  • Leads on all team recruitment, development and transitions

  • Oversees all accounts payable and accounts receivables (working with an external bookkeeper)

  • Develops and oversees CCI’s fiscal sponsorship program

  • Serves as an external representative for the Center for Civic Innovation and point person for high-level partnerships.


  • Deep and wide knowledge of nonprofit operations, from HR and finance all the way down to how to make coffee in an emergency.

  • Systems thinker who is committed to improving and optimizing pretty much everything they can get their hands on and has the record to prove it.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated leadership across multiple roles

  • Experience working with diverse range of people & organizations

  • Passion for time management and demonstrated strength in project management

  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn Google Docs (online software suite)

  • Reliable mode of transportation (bike, MARTA, Lyft, car - you choose - just be on time)


  • Deep commitment to CCI’s mission and the success of its initiatives

  • Clear demonstration of being both a team player and a self-starter, including: exceptional organization and time management skills; a demonstrated ability to design a work plan, prioritize, and meet goals; grace under pressure and a good sense of humor; and an innovative spirit

  • Not intimidated by BHAGs - Big Hairy Audacious Goals

  • Superb communication skills in all situations.

Please send a cover letter, resume and at least one letter of recommendation to with “Deputy Director” in the subject line. Deadline to apply is December 11, 2018 by noon.

Your cover letter should include the following:

  • An example or story of why you care about community and social impact work

  • Why you think you’d thrive in this role at a fast-paced, startup organization

  • Why YOU should be CCI’s Deputy Director

  • The word “dinosaur”