We are seeking an enthusiastic Civic Engagement Manager who is excited by the idea that everyday people should have their ideas and voice heard by local decision-makers. You must be willing to work with folks who come from different backgrounds and points of view. You should be excited about attending neighborhood events, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and hanging out at Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) meetings. You are good with both organizing and reporting. You think leading a troop of volunteers across the city sounds like fun. Goals for this position include:

  • Developing and growing community-based partnerships

  • Overseeing the execution and logistics of CCI’s NPU project

  • Leading on Civics 101 training events

  • Leading on content for panels and events for CCI’s Policy & Research Team

  • Developing and implementing strategies to drive volunteer interest and participation



  • Connecting CCI members with policymakers and others in the public sector

  • Creating a communications channel with policymakers regarding fellows and residents in their district and in their areas of interest -- keeping them updated with any news, wins, etc.

  • Setting up 1:1 meetings with policymakers and civic entrepreneurs (policy day)

  • Convening relevant partners to further the work of the NPU project and ensure buy-in across communities


  • Identifying, building, and maintaining great relationships with key stakeholders such as government officials, civic leaders, and community elders

  • Handling the logistics and communications on convening stakeholders

  • Taking strategic meetings along with the director

  • Teaching classes on the NPU system & make sure others can teach them, too

  • Developing and executing strategy to gather 3,600+ survey responses across Atlanta, ensuring ALL kinds of Atlantans are represented

  • Distributing collateral and surveys to key communities to ensure good representation in the survey results

  • Overseeing site visits and evaluations of NPU meetings and processes

  • Managing 25+ volunteer ambassadors, both expectation and talent

  • Supporting volunteers & their events across the city

  • Representing the NPU Project & CCI through public speaking engagements

  • Hosting centralized NPU-related events at CCI or for specific CCI-related audiences

  • Evaluating all data and reporting to stakeholders and the public

  • Receiving and consolidating data into internal and external reports


  • Preference given to those demonstrating deep ties to the community through past work

  • Community organizing and/or project management experience preferred

  • Some basic knowledge of City of Atlanta government and the NPU system is needed

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated leadership ability

  • Experience working with diverse range of people & organizations

  • Time management skills: ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn Google Docs (online software suite)

  • Reliable mode of transportation (bike, MARTA, Lyft, car - you choose - just be on time)


  • Deep commitment to community-driven solutions for social challenges/opportunities

  • Able to clearly and concisely express yourself to different audiences

  • Energetic! candidate’s enthusiasm should be contagious

  • Clear demonstration of being both a team player and a self-starter, including: exceptional organization and time management skills; a demonstrated ability to design a work plan, prioritize, and meet goals; grace under pressure and a good sense of humor; and an innovative spirit

  • Fast-paced: ability to make things happen — fast

Applications for this position are now closed. Please email with any questions.