Leadership Breakfast with Tim Keane

During our June Leadership Breakfast, we chatted over coffee with Tim Keane, Commissioner of the Department of City Planning for the City of Atlanta. Keane has worked hard to empower sustainable and equitable growth in the city since his appointment in 2015, and he brought to the table years of experience with city planning in Southern cities. We asked him tough questions about the city’s responsibility to design public spaces for residents.


“The city’s responsibility around making those good experiences for the residents is substantial, no question about it.”

- Tim Keane

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Growing City

“To me, the vision for the planning department is that we are highly capable of helping residents in the city navigate this move towards a much larger city.”

- Tim Keane

One of the biggest issues is the way we regulate things. You can talk about incentives — which are important, and who gets them and why, but the thing that affects a city everyday more than anything else is how we regulate things.
— Tim Keane


Public Realms

“Atlanta is such a more interesting place on your feet or on your bike.”

- Tim Keane

Watch the full video of our Leadership Breakfast with Commissioner Tim Keane here.


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