Meet the 2019 Summer Interns!

Note: All Bitmoji selections were made by individual interns.


Aires Miranda-Antonio

Born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, Aires is a rising junior at Georgetown majoring in American Studies and minoring in African American Studies. This is Aires’ first time in Atlanta and she is thrilled to get to explore the city, especially all the museums in the city. At the Center, Aires will be working with the Community & Entrepreneurship teams on programming, communication, & marketing.  She’s looking forward to riding the entire MARTA map and investing herself in getting to know the work of all of the coworkers, fellows, and the team! Aires is fascinated by the passionate people in the office and how they found their own specific lane to dedicate themselves to. Talking about CCI, she said “CCI specializes in uplifting people and their incredible projects, and I am lucky to be here experiencing such special work.”

Teak Hodges

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Teak is a rising junior at Georgetown University studying Culture & Politics with a focus in Human Rights. Having previously only experienced the Atlanta airport, he is excited to get to know the actual city and the people who call Atlanta home. At the Center for Civic Innovation, Teak will be working alongside the Community & Programs team to enhance the center’s monthly programming, communications, and fellowships program. Already learning from the mantra that this is, “a relay not a sprint,” Teak is excited to invest himself in supporting the people who carry the social impact baton and help imagine a more equitable life.



Ruth Zheng

Ruth is a rising junior at Harvard College studying Social Studies and Statics and will be joining the Programming team this summer. She is a proud Bostonian, but not a sports fan (rest assured). This is her first time living in the South and she has already fallen in love with Atlanta. She is beyond excited to learn about and help empower community-driven social entrepreneurship in the city! Although she is a complete nerd about political theory, she especially looks forward to engaging with real people in Atlanta this summer for a change instead of reading work by dead French guys. Catch her exploring the city via food and coffee on the weekends!


Natalie Nunez

Originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, Natalie is a rising junior at Georgetown University majoring in Culture and Politics with a concentration in Immigration, Human Rights, and Identity. She is also pursuing a certificate as a Global Business Fellow. She is a proud Mexican and first-generation student. At CCI, Natalie will be working with the research and policy team. She is eager to engage with the community and help the Neighborhood Planning Unit System in Atlanta grow and become more impactful. She’s excited to meet the fellows and get involved in their initiatives while in Atlanta. Aside from her work at CCI, you’ll find Natalie exploring the food scene and learning about the history of Atlanta while trying to navigate her way through MARTA.


Anthony Francis

Anthony is a recent graduate of Northeastern University where he majored in Business Administration and minored in Music Industry. He will be working with the Operations team this summer, and he is excited to learn about the change happening in Atlanta and to be back in my home state of Georgia.


Zoë Wangstrom

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Zoë is a rising senior at Georgia Tech studying Literature, Media, and Communication with concentrations in Science, Technology, and Culture, and Social Justice and double minoring in Health, Medicine, and Society, and International Affairs. Zoë is excited for her second summer spent in Atlanta, and getting to explore different neighborhoods of the city as well as hiking trails outside the perimeter. She is excited to get to know Atlanta through the lens of the Neighborhood Planning Units and learn more about this unique system of localized governance. Outside of school and work, Zoë is the General Manager of Georgia Tech’s Radio station WREK 91.1fm, and plays ultimate frisbee for Georgia Tech Wreck and Atl Uproar.

Chelsea Luo

Chelsea is a rising junior at Georgetown University, majoring in International Political Economy with a certificate in International Development. She’s from Chengdu and is always down for late night spicy food. Chelsea’s joining the Entrepreneurship Team for the summer and is excited to explore how grassroots initiatives and top down policies interact. She’s a little less excited about the Atlanta heat.

Ruth Zhengcci interns