Center for Civic Innovation Announces 2018 Civic Innovation Fellows


The Center for Civic Innovation is proud to announce the 2018 class of Civic Innovation Fellows. The Civic Innovation Fellowship is a leadership and business development program for social entrepreneurs in Atlanta. This fellowship brings together a cohort of individuals with innovative, outcome-driven ideas to tackle social challenges in Atlanta and provides them with business development workshops, free workspace, mentorship, advising, and leadership development training. More details can be found at

The 2018 Civic Innovation Fellows are:

  • Charnette Trimble, Westmont Estates Community Action Group: Westmont Estates Community Action Group seeks to identify and educate seniors about resources that can improve their quality of life.

  • Erika Blair, Young WallStreet Traders: Young WallStreet Traders is an education and mentorship program focused on financial literacy, investing, trading and coding for underrepresented youth in grades 9 - 12

  • Felicia Edwards, Mindful Duty: Mindful Duty provides first responders with vital physical, emotional-wellness and mental-resiliency training via a mobile app, academy settings, in-service training, and community-based programs.

  • Jenn Graham, Civic Dinners: Civic Dinners is the platform that brings people together to have conversations that matter.

  • John Kennebrew, Showcase Group: Showcase Group strengthens and empowers families involved in the juvenile justice system through social and emotional interventions, and by using STEAM.

  • Mikala Streeter, The LIFE School: The LIFE School is a progressive high school where each student works through a custom, project-based learning plan designed around their learning styles, interests, and goals.

  • Nedra Deadwyler, Civil Bikes: Civil Bikes is a small business that uses storytelling for historic preservation, increasing cultural awareness and fostering a sense of community.

  • Sam Aleinikoff, College AIM: College AIM supports students in Metro-Atlanta on their paths to and through college by building sustainable college-going cultures within school communities.

  • Samantha Watkins, Urban Perform: Urban Perform is a health and wellness center that will offer a variety of affordable, comfortable avenues for physical exercise and provide health education with a focus on obesity.

  • Shon Storey, Seniors 2.0: Seniors 2.0 is a program that will introduce seniors to technology and tools that will help them function in their everyday life.

  • Terri Bradley, Brown Toy Box: Brown Toy Box is an online shopping platform created to culturally affirm children of color through fun and play while creating economic development opportunities for Black and Brown creators, authors and makers.

  • Tiffany Latrice, TILA Studios: TILA Studios is a visual arts incubator and shared gallery space for women that aims to promote the distribution and consumption of artwork by women.

  • Trish Miller, Swem Kids: Swem Kids reduces barriers to swimming proficiency for economically disadvantaged elementary-aged youth who attend K-5 Title I public schools, by introducing them to the freedom of swimming and water safety.

  • Zahra Alabanza, Red Bike and Green: Red Bike and Green is an effort working to expand and mobilize an inclusive, intergenerational and diverse black bike community.

 We are also thrilled to announce our 2018 Food Innovation Fellows in partnership with the Food Well Alliance:

  • Carol Hunter, Truly Living Well: Truly Living Well grows better communities by connecting people with their food and the land through education, training and demonstrating success in urban agriculture.

  • Erin Croom, Georgia Organics: Georgia Organics is a member-supported, nonprofit organization connecting organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families.

  • Jeffrey Hicks, Providence Missionary Baptist Church - Urban Farm Ministry: Urban Farm Ministry provides food to neighborhood residents, church food pantries, and classes.

  • Josh Daniel, Wylde Center: The Wylde Center educates and cultivates green spaces in the areas they serve by actively engaging youth, families, and individuals in their environment, health, and community.

  • Nobie Muhl, Good Samaritan Health Clinic: Good Samaritan Health Clinic grows and sells affordable, quality produce for patients and community members.

  • Reggie Ramos, Grow With the Flow: Grow With the Flow provides local and naturally grown produce, converts homeowners’ unused lawn space into productive market gardens, and works with the community to educate and raise awareness about sustainable food.

  • Rosario Hernandez, Historic Westside Gardens: Historic Westside Gardens fosters community self-determination through building equitable neighborhood networks around healthy, fresh and affordable food.

We’re so excited to see the impact that these fellows will have on our city! Stay tuned for updates from this cohort here on our blog.

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Andrea Cervonecci fellows