In November 2014, the Center for Civic Innovation, in partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, launched a public challenge to find innovative ideas to increase the supply and/or demand of clean, healthy and affordable food in communities in metro Atlanta. The most innovative ideas earned residency at the Center for Civic Innovation and are supported with the resources, mentors, and access to capital they need to sustainably grow.


Our pilot lab targets solutions for the 755,400 people in metro Atlanta and north Georgia who are food insecure and over half a million who live in Atlanta’s food deserts, meaning they do not have access to fresh, healthy, affordable foods.

Over 70% of these individuals make choices between eating and something else—whether it be medicine, transportation, or housing. Almost half of these households have a member of the family with diabetes.

We are supporting social enterprises that curb these rates and show measurable results through data.

Are you a member of the Food Access Lab? 



Boulevard Food Cooperative

Website: Facebook Page
Project Lead: Joya Green,
Teammates: Sara Thorpe,  Zachary Hermes

Boulevard Food Cooperative aims to create and foster an uplifting community that promotes food security, educational opportunities, healthy lifestyles, individual dignity, and participation.

The Center for Family Farm Development

Project Lead: Ariel Harris,
Teammates: Godwin Onohwosa, Oji Onwudegu, Michelle Eichinger

The Center for Family Farm Development's mission is to empower low income farmers and consumers to create sustainable, local solutions to the issues of market access and food insecurity that result in a decrease in diet related disease and chronic poverty both communities.

Crave It Foods

Project Lead: JocCole “JC” Burton,
Teammates: Tony Morrow, Lucius Eugene, Troy Duchane, DeVaughn Morrow, Ardina Pierre & Jules Paulk

Crave It Foods is a  mission-driven company providing nutritious farm-to-table freshly prepared meals for children in schools. Disrupting traditional school cafeteria lunch, Crave It Foods is a C-Corporation, founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011 and launched products and services in 2015 ith nutritious food o combat diet related illness in children. Its aggressive growth model can serve 1,500 meals per day in 2015 and 6,500 meals per day in 2016.

The Food Commons

Project Lead: Bren Ames,
Teammates: Kwabena Nkromo, Ashley Van Cise, Erika Smith, Gil Frank, John Skach,Trish O’Connell

To scale local food with self-reliant yet interrelated cooperative networks regenerating and stewarding our commonwealth: A strategic system leading to a just, nurturing economic paradigm

Grow Where You Are

Project Lead: Eugene Cooke,
Teammates: Nicole Bluh, Tanisha Nicholson, Imran Battla

Grow Where You Are inspires sincere citizens to grow quality, clean food locally in beautifully designed systems that support ecology, encourage economy and improve human health.

Pop Up Smoothies

Project Lead: Jamie Hamblin,
Teammates: Mary Ukuku, Linda Baffo, Cheryl Case Johnson, Aallyia Evans

Improving food access and community health by partnering with neighbors to produce healthy, affordable, FUN prepared foods and beverages.

The Harvest Project - ATL

Project Lead: Whitney Jaye,

The Harvest Project’s mission is to empower Atlanta-area youth to take leadership in educating their communities about food, nutrition, and food justice. Harvest ATL sees youth as creators of dynamic food and health programs, managers of community focused food enterprises, and as the designers of innovative solutions to the food access issues facing their own neighborhoods.

Fruit Forward Orchards

Project Lead: Robby Astrove,
Teammates: Danielle Arellano

Fruit Forward Orchards creates community orchard projects to feed, teach, and inspire a better quality of life through direct access to nutritious fruits and berries grown close to home.

Maitu Foods

Project Lead: JoVonna Johnson,

To honor the art of food rituals. To serve humanity utilizing the bounty of Earth and following the blueprint set by Nature of abundance and efficiency. MaituFoods works to develop culturally appropriate and accessible educational materials that highlight the benefit of healthy nutrition through a plant-based diet.

Patchwork City Farms

Project Lead: Jamila Norman,

Patchwork City Farm's mission is to work with local landholders - public and private - to create a sustainable, naturally grown local food system that is accessible to all.