How can we redesign communities for transit (recap)?

On April 24th Center for Civic Innovation hosted the first (of many) 2017 Our Future Atlanta panels about the issues that matter most in the upcoming city-wide elections. Up first? Transportation access and the possibilities of equitable transpiration oriented development. After the recent traffic woes (I-85 collapse, I-20 road buckle, some foam tomahawks spilling onto I-75 and more) transit is on everyones mind, but just laying new rail lines isn't a solution that works for all communities. 



Alex Trachtenberg, Southface

Brian Gist, Southern Environmental Law Center

Deborah Scott, Georgia Stand Up

Debbie Frank, MARTA 

Moderator: Odetta MacLeish-White, Enterprise Community Partners


Some of the biggest themes of the night included: 

  • The call for a Living Transit Fund - a portion of the newly authorize transportation tax that would be used to create TOD stuff like affordable housing near transit stations. This is a great way to increase MARTA ridership while also providing much needed affordable housing! 
  • MARTA has a policy of at least 20% affordable units at all of their new TOD developments - that is 20% of all the units at all those parking lots being converted to condos and apartments
  • Transformation Alliance has a new scorecard to help people evaluate how equitable a development is. It is still in development but you can find it here and here
  • We need to envision a "spectrum of transit" that meets multiple needs. Rail is only a good investment in areas that want to be really dense and not all communities want that. Communities should think about who they are and what they want - density and tall buildings vs single family and more tree coverage - and line up transit options that help meet their vision. 

You can get the entire presentation here