Rohit Malhotra on A New Business Mindset Podcast

The Center for Civic Innovation's Founder and Executive Director Rohit Malhotra was recently featured on A New Business Mindset, a podcast that features prominent business and community leaders discussing the events and relationships that changed the course of their professional and personal lives. 

Rohit discussed social entrepreneurship and social change in optimistic terms with the podcast's host Gareth Young. 

Rohit offered us many wonderful lessons that point us towards an authentic, happy and fulfilling life and career including:
- Social issues that surround us are economic issues and quality of life issues;
- We care but don’t know how to engage;
- We need to help people to engage;
- Entrepreneurship got his parents out of poverty; we don’t need to go to school to do this!
— Gareth Young, A New Business Mindset podcast