"Entrepreneurs don't see the pitfalls; they see the end": Leadership Breakfast with Claire Lewis (Yum) Arnold

“Entrepreneurs don’t see the pitfalls, they see the end”. It’s a simple sentiment, but one that sits at the core of Claire (Yum) Arnold’s entrepreneurial philosophy. From humble beginnings on a small farm, Arnold’s career is studded with accomplishments culminating in her current position as co-founder and CEO of Leapfrog Services Inc. Some of her accomplishments include being named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and  Atlanta Business Chronicle, awarded the Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Award for outstanding performance as a corporate director, and named the Most Admired CEO in the Technology Sector by the Atlanta Business Chronicle in 2014.

Bristling with “kinetic energy” and a drive to better the world around her, Arnold shared her journey through companies like Coke into her eventual founding of Leapfrog. It was through this journey that she was not only able to embody values such as social entrepreneurship, but also develop a deep appreciation for Atlanta and a belief in female-centric enterprise. A group of Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) candidates in attendance proved representative of her words.

Finally, Arnold put a lot of emphasis on self-discernment. “Know yourself as well as you can,” she says, relaying the passion necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. “It's important not to be a perfectionist. It's important to celebrate failures.”

Claire (Yum) Arnold is an innovator representative of many of the Center for Civic Innovation’s values. Wise and mission-oriented, it is leaders like her that make civic innovation the movement that it is.