2016 Election: MARTA Referendum

The Marta Referendum proposes a half penny sales tax to fund transit expansion and enhancements in the city of Atlanta, this ½ penny (0.5%) tax on all purchases is estimated to generate $2.5 billion in funding for transit infrastructure over 40 years. This would represent the largest MARTA expansion in a generation.

The MARTA referendum reads as follows:

Shall an additional sales tax of one-half percent be collected in the City of Atlanta for the purpose of significantly expanding and enhancing MARTA transit service in Atlanta?

This means…

If you make a $10 purchase at the store, you would be taxed $0.05 to help expand MARTA.
  Image by Jason Lathbury

Image by Jason Lathbury

If passed, projects that may be funded with this money include:

  • Adding light-rail transit to the Atlanta BeltLine

  • Clifton Corridor: light-rail connecting the Lindberg and Avondale MARTA train stations to provide service to one of the region’s largest job centers (Emory University, Emory Hospital, Center for Disease Control, and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital)

  • Increased bus service, shortening wait times for riders

  • Station improvements

  • Additional rail cars

For More Information:

Citizens for Progressive Transit: This is a grassroots transit advocacy organization committed to working with MARTA and Atlanta leaders in efforts to bring about understanding among citizens and work towards long-term improvements to public transportation throughout the city.

Center for Civic Innovation: We held a meeting this summer with over 100 attendees, including activists, journalists, city officials, nonprofit staff, and community members to create dialogue between Atlanta residents and governing entities. To learn about this meeting, read our blog post.

MORE MARTA’s focus is conducting community meetings to exchange information about the ballot referendum for MARTA’s expansion and enhancement proposals.

Advance Atlanta: The Coalition to Advance Atlanta is a citizen-driven grassroots advocacy coalition dedicated to building support for regional transit and championing existing transit resources.

Where It All Went Wrong: If only we could undo the MARTA Compromise of 1971: Atlanta Magazine