Modern Atlanta: Design is Human

Last week we celebrated with Modern Atlanta for Design is Human! An entire week of creative folks, lectures, product expos and an architecture tour all influenced by modern design. We had the pleasure of going to the Architecture Launch party and tour this past weekend.

The Design is Human Friday night launch party did not disappoint. It was held at ADAC with lots of new and innovative local and international products on display. One of the great things about this party every year is that designers from all disciplines come out to see what’s new and get inspired. It’s a great opportunity for networking and future collaborating. Our work at CCI is all about collaboration and inspiration. As the Creative Director of CCI, I look for inspiring ways to create a space that is inviting for everyone that walks through our doors. It's that great experience and atmosphere that encourages innovative ideas for civic problem solving. 

On Saturday and Sunday the architecture tour runs throughout the city. It’s a like a modern design scavenger hunt for architecture, lots of fun! The routine; grab your Modern Atlanta book, plug in your phone/GPS/camera, grab your favorite coffee, slip on your flip flops, hop in the car and go! As you drive around, you look for the “MA” lawn signs and find the closest parking possible. Time to turn off your GPS and start take photos! Each home is more inspiring than the next. We really enjoyed all the beautiful homes on tour. It gets better every year!