Idea Pitch Night @ CCI

On Wednesday, April 15, CCI welcomed a great group of aspiring and active social entrepreneurs who came together to discuss their ideas for products and services that could help fill gaps in our community and neighborhoods.

The event was a round table discussion, where each participant got three to five minutes to pitch their ideas and get feedback from the rest of the group, who asked questions and suggested resources for next steps.

Among the ideas discussed were:

  • A network to support diversity and accessibility at public institutions
  • Ways to incentivize and enable city planners and government agencies to be more transparent in their decision-making policies, including a platform to connect with city planners so that the general public would be able to understand and interpret what city planners are doing. 
  • A way to make permits more accessible by streamlining processes, enabling people to understand where one's permit is in the queue, and having checklists to ensure proper documentation is provided right up front
  • A community ecosystem to support farmers who needed to learn the economics and dynamics of the farming industry through a farming internship where they could lend their labor while learning tricks of the trade from the farm owners.

Thanks to everyone who came out and were willing to pitch their ideas!