People, Happiness, and Experience Team

Team Role:

The Center for Civic Innovation’s mission is to inform, engage, connect, and empower people to shape the future of their city. We have the pleasure of interacting with a diverse audience of people each and every day. The Administrative Coordinator position works in our People, Experience, and Happiness team, which is responsible for building and maintaining our relationship with everyone who comes through our doors: from the staff, to the board, to our coworkers, and even our Fellows.


The Administrative Coordinator position is responsible for handling the following:

  • Managing all logistics and setup for our programs, events, trainings, and classes

  • Maintaining the look and feel of our physical space, which is home to dozens of social enterprises and host to a number of community wide events

  • Maintaining a relationship with our partners and participants in our programs

  • Identifying and securing sponsorships and in-kind donations

  • Managing volunteers for our programs and events

  • Communicating with our community of coworking residents

  • Managing vendor relationships and contracts

  • Assisting on public tours and visits

  • Managing logistics for program onboardings and orientations

  • Assisting on internship recruitment and management

  • Managing accounts payable

  • Managing event rental process

  • Providing program planning support and assistance for networking events

  • Support on annual fundraisers, from vendor management to event planning

  • Helping execute awesome staff events, retreats, and programs

We’re Looking For Someone Who Is:

  • Positive: this is important! We interact with thousands of people a year in a variety of different ways. Each and every person comes with their own personality. We need someone who can navigate communicating with all sorts of people and to do so with positivity!

  • Values driven: our organization thrives because everyone on the team knows why they are here and we are all here because we care deeply about people and our city.

  • In love with Atlanta: everyone on our team loves our city of Atlanta. Our work is place based and much of work requires an affection for this city. With that said, that doesn’t mean you can’t critique and be mad at Atlanta for certain reasons. It’s like the younger sibling that’s your best friend but that you get into pillow fights with over your favorite cereal.

  • Excellent communicator: this role interacts with a number of vendors, customers, team members, entrepreneurs, and more. We need this person to be good at communicating quickly, efficiently, and clearly both online and in person.

  • Organized: this role has a lot of administrative functions. All of those require being able to put things in places where the entire team can find it and you can pull it. This requires adapting to everyone’s working styles and finding ways to keep information accessible for everyone. You should like checking off to-dos on a list!

  • Team player: we are a tight knit group of leaders that are all doing this work because it is bigger than ourselves. We are looking for someone who goes to bat for the team. This is not a siloed contracted role. This is a team position that will require supporting everyone around you, sometimes in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

  • Flexible multitasker: this is not a stationary role. We need someone who is willing to get things done and multitask. Our work moves so fast and requires a personality that does not get stressed out in high paced situations. We’re looking for someone meticulous with detail, but who is chill enough to understand that nothing ever goes exactly as planned.

  • Proactive problem solver: because of our pacing and the limited size of our staff, we need someone who can create their own path to get something done. While our team loves to work together, when there is a problem, we need someone who thinks about 10 solutions, tries a few of them, and learns from those attempts before giving up. This is someone who says “I’ll figure it out” when they see a challenge ahead of them.

  • Creative planner: we do a number of events, both internal and external. Our goal is always to have events that are high quality, productive, and fun. We need someone who gets excited at the idea of putting together a retreat for the full team in another city or to find a piñata that looks like a dinosaur to celebrate a dinosaur loving colleague.


  • 1-3 years of experience in administrative support roles

  • Experience in event planning

  • Clear, strong writer with experience in professional correspondence

  • Experience in working in a fast-paced team environment

  • Good on email and online communications tools

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs

  • Comfort with online tools, such as MailChimp, Squarespace and Asana

  • Experience with professionally working with vendors

Salary and Benefits:

  • Pay is commensurate with experience

  • 100% employer healthcare coverage

  • Travel stipend for a parking pass or MARTA

  • Opportunities for professional development through conferences and community events

  • Exposure to an inspiring community of people

The Center for Civic Innovation does not discriminate based on age, color, sexuality, gender expression, religion (creed), national origin, disability, veteran status or former incarceration status.


Must have reliable transportation (including public transportation access!), computer and Internet access. Must be available to work nontraditional hours such as late nights and weekends. Main office will be at The Center for Civic Innovation.

To Apply:

Please send a cover letter, resume and two references to with the subject line "Admin and Events Coordinator Application." This position is open until filled. Applications reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Cover letter should include the following:

  • Something interesting about you that tells us about your personality

  • Why you think this position is a good fit, given the criteria above

  • An example of an experience that helps us understand your strengths

  • The word dinosaur